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June 18th, 2007

Commonly used terms on PTP Staking

If you’re new to Staking and don’t have a full grasp of the lingo, you’ll want to review the following terms. You may also want to review our FAQ our How To Stake and our How To Apply for Stakes guides

BAP: BAP is short for Buy A Piece. Buy A Piece is a forum where players can place an ad requesting backing. Interested stakers will then reply to ads and “buy a piece” of the player. Review the Everything You Need to Know About BAPs before posting.

Gear: Gear is given to PTP members for breaking one of the forum rules. Follow the rules and avoid the humiliation of sporting gear. Find details of the different types of gear here.

Horse: A player who is granted a stake. Someone becomes a horse by either responding to a Make a Deal thread, or by purchasing an ad. thread in the Buy a Piece forum.

Heebing: Heebing is a poker slang term for turning a small online bankroll into a giant roll. Heebing is a term made famous by the NWP member “neverheeb”. Neverheeb was known for heebing up 100-200 dollar rolls into 60k! A truly remarkable feat.

My Stakes: My Stakes is an area where you can review all your stakes. This is where you go to award a stake to someone, accept a stake, and close a stake. It is a fully automated part of the forum. You can find My Stakes in the Stakes link the top of the forum next to User CP, Members and How It Works.

My BAPs: My BAPs is an area where you can review all your BAP investments. This is where you go to sell shares, confirm share sales, and view the rail links for your investments. It is a fully automated part of the forum. You can find My BAPs at the top of the forum under BAPs, next to Stakes link.

Player Points: Player Points are awarded to a horse for making money for a staker. The more player points you have, the more likely you are to be staked in the future.

Rail Thread: Rail Threads are threads in the ‘Staking Rail’ forum where staked players detail their play. Rail Threads are required by by the site to confirm the horse played the stake and so the stakers can view the horse’s play. Posting important hand histories and noting strategy throughout a stake are typical in rail threads.

Stake: A stake is simply any sum of money invested by a staker in a player. The intention of the stake is for the player to use that money and turn it into as much money as possible. The staker sets the terms for the stake. For example, the staker can tell the player what game(s) he wants him to play, when he wants him to stop, and how any profits will be shared. Stakes work the same online as they would if you made a deal with a backer in a regular casino poker room

Stakeback: When placing a stake, a staker will often ask that their stake be returned before determining the split of the winnings. For example, if a horse is granted an $11 stake and wins $50, he will pay the staker a stakeback of $11 + his share of the winnings. If its a typical 50/50 split + stake back, he will owe the staker $11 + 50% of $39 for a total of $30.50. Stakebacks don’t apply to losing stakes (i.e. selecting stakeback doesn’t obligate the horse to pay you back the stake if they lose).

Staker: A player who offers up a stake. This is done by starting a thread in the a Make a Deal forum.

Staker Points: Staker Points are awarded to stakers for placing a stake. Staker Points give you cred in the forums, and will help you earn your own stakes.

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