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Welcome to PTP Staking

PTP Staking connects backers with poker players who are looking to be staked. Getting in on the action is easy:

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Current Stakes

  • Private for FlopjunkiePlay these mtts today: 500 cap 55cent 1017777650 500 cap 55cent 1017777653 250 cap $1.10 1017777651 100 cap 2.20 1017777652...
  • Make a plan for some cap tourneysPlease make a plan for some cap tourneys on Stars today, with the starting times and/or tourney ID´s mix some $0.55 and $1.10 and $2.20...
  • The big $2.20Looking for a horse starts in 5 min post your opr and must be opted in. RAIL swing hands bust hand place win
  • Private for ako21Bonus stake as promised for winning SNG yesterday. Really well played man. Make up a plan for $8. You can play any type games you want but...
  • looking for a serious $1 spin and go grinderThis is a basic advert. There will be a more robust contract for the chosen player. I'm looking for an experienced SNG player who can play a large...
  • 6 x $0.50 180 man turbo and 2 x $1 180 manOk need someone to play 6 x $0.50 & 2 x $1 180 man turbos. All games must be completed in one session. Be fully searchable. I will be railing. ...
  • Need short term staker to $15 180men PokerstarsHi I am Attila Horvath from Hungary. I am looking for a short term staker (from now to 31-Dec) to PokerStars $15 level 180men SNGs. You can...