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Welcome to PTP Staking

PTP Staking connects backers with poker players who are looking to be staked. Getting in on the action is easy:

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Current Stakes

  • pte keggsas agreed $17.60 to run ANZ minus 4 max and omaha pls ship funds upon completion have fun
  • 10x$0.25 90manLooking for solid horses to: To play 10 tournament above. Cut 60/40 my favor with MU Requirements: -No Gear! -Everyone is welcome to...
  • prvt pavStake to play these games . ( all golden included to this stake) 9 man 3.50 ko 180 man 4.50 one $11 progressive ko 180 All ko go ...
  • cyrax$1.50 HU hypers...double :guns: or bust :unsure: gl :D
  • big 4.40couple for this; 60pp no gear +roi in micros better no new players rail - place,winnings,busthand GL
  • takaravan500$ br for 3.5-7$ 18-27mans normal speed duration: as long as u want (if u bust u agree to get restaked until u clear makeup) after 2 weeks...
  • private - alcool$400 to play on stars for 2 weeks MTT $13.50 and under reg speed KO games SNG $11 KO 180s $7 - $2.50 90s $7 - $3.50 KO 9s