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PTP Staking connects backers with poker players who are looking to be staked. Getting in on the action is easy:

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Current Stakes

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  • horse for micro schedule tonight****must be avail to play all of the following micro schedule 0.11 $250 gtd tid 1009688341 0.27 turbo $500 gtd tid 1009688561 0.55 turbo $750 gtd...
  • Hot 0.55looking for horses for 0.55 hot tonight at 22:45 CET requirements: no DNS gear opted in OPR clean rail with swing hands and bust hand FT...
  • prvt flopStake is to play 10 games 0.50 360 players. Timeframe: 24 hours Rail:STARTING ROLL---5.00 GAME -- TOURYN ID-- AMT WON--FINISH...
  • Micro Millions November 6-16I am looking for a few Micro Millions Horses: Make me a plan up to $100 (ideally in the $50-$70 range) Bankroll Requirements: -All games must...
  • Big $4.402 horses for the $4.40 at 2300WET Must have good stats. Rail and bust hand. 70/30
  • $1.35 stakes in an hourMust have good stats. Include rail and bust hand. No hiding so I can watch :popcorn: KO's to bankroll also but you knows it ;)
  • Private: JSmoore1901Make me a $20 PLAN for Tonight/Friday Nothing over $5.50 Nothing less than $1.10 Rail Tidy Show all tourney IDs Busts and winings