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Welcome to PTP Staking

PTP Staking connects backers with poker players who are looking to be staked. Getting in on the action is easy:

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Start posting and applying for stakes

Current Stakes

  • Private for enplayer995.50 ko 7.5k turbo 5.50 1000cap 2k 5.50 deep stack 6max 1k 4.40 8max 1000cap 1.5k 8.80 big 2.20 3k 5.50 1000cap 1.5k 11:45am 11 deep stack...
  • Satelites to the Big Tourney 1 BILLIONWanting to get a small team together for the ONE BILLION TOURNEY coming up. Will be looking to stake out multiple people, multiple times if...
  • Private for rawcabbage$55.00 nightly 25k
  • Private for LouieDaFly*$35 bankroll to play up to 20 x $3.50 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 18 Seat Turbo Sit & Go games on Pokerstars.* Terms: 1. Stake ends after 20 games or when...
  • big $2.20one stake for big $2.20 Rail to consist of TID/Bust hand/position/winnings. Cut will be 70/30 and increases in your favour depending on end...
  • one horse , two games 0.50$ - 180man & 0.11$ 250Gtd0.50$ - 180man 0.11$ 250Gtd 1043262879 Must be searchable
  • Private for enplayer9911 phase 1 11 hot 11 big 11 deep stack 5.50 ko 10k Gtd 5.50 deep stack 3.30 super progressive ko 10k Gtd 8.80 6max 8k Gtd (turbo) 4.40 8max...